How Do You Say “Motor-head” in Italian?

OK, so I confess – I’ve loved cars my whole life and since our first visit to Italy in 1994 my interests have gradually shifted in that direction. Before our recently completed 2018 Sojourn we rented a car at the Rome airport and were upgraded to a new Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce.

The beautiful new Alfa Giulia

For some of us cars are more than just transportation appliances. Cars, at least some of them, have souls, and there’s no place on earth that that builds more “soulful” cars than Italy.

Below are a sampling of interesting vehicles we encountered this year.

A rare older Giulia 1300ti belonging to the owner of one of the hotels we stayed in. It was a pleasure talking cars with him.

A cute little Fiat Cinquecento in Montepulciano

An Italian hearse in Civita Castellana. How do I put a caption on this?

Let’s not forget the British. A terrific classic Royal Enfield parked on the street in Pietrasanta

And welcome to the modern age! A pair of Renault Twizy electrics in Sestri Levante.

And we returned home to our own little bit of Italy – my 1971 Alfa Romeo GTV.

Hard to believe the difference between my old GTV and the new Giulia. If I had to choose, the GTV wins – no question!

I enjoy having some of the passion of Italy sitting in my garage, reminding me of the country I love so much.