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Practicalities for the Traveling Painter

PRACTICALITIES FOR THE TRAVELING PAINTER by Matthew Daub In my last post, I spoke about how plein air (outdoor) painting influenced me as both an artist and slow traveler. But what are the practicalities for those just getting started? There are …


Four-Star Accommodations in Amazing Locations with Unforgettable New Friends

Whether you come for the painting or simply to relax and savor La Dolce Vita, on an Arts Sojourn you’ll experience the wonders of Italy slowly and intimately, just as we do, not through the eyes of a hired guide …


Check Out Our Director Matthew Daub’s “Plein Air” Painting Gallery

The term “plein air” is derived from the French, “open air,” and is used to describe painting that is done outdoors, directly from nature. Although some people associate it with Impressionism, plein air painting does not conform to any single …