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The Mysteries of Ötzi

In 1991, a pair of German tourists hiking in the Dolomite Alps spotted something very strange: the remains of a man protruding from the ice of a receding glacier. They contacted authorities, suspecting it was the body of a recently …


How Do You Say “Motor-head” in Italian?

OK, so I confess – I’ve loved cars my whole life and since our first visit to Italy in 1994 my interests have gradually shifted in that direction. Before our recently completed 2018 Sojourn we rented a car at the …


Practicalities for the Traveling Painter

PRACTICALITIES FOR THE TRAVELING PAINTER by Matthew Daub In my last post, I spoke about how plein air (outdoor) painting influenced me as both an artist and slow traveler. But what are the practicalities for those just getting started? There are …